Okay that may have been a little hasty, and I’m sorry. I was temped by by some kind of Ghost who may have possessed me or something.

While Ghost as a blogging platform seemed quite good I think that I would rather just stick with this GitHub hosted flat file blog for now instead of messing around with hosting my own Node.js server locally and having to look after and monitor that.

Here are the few posts that I did on my Ghost blog anyway captured here for posterity.

Ghosting Away

It was never meant to end up this way. I’ll write more later…

Okay it’s later now and I’m saying goodbye to my old blog over at Github Pages. Goodbye! Goodbye Jekyll. I’ll miss your Markdown preprocessing flat file ways. I never really used you too much anyway. And for that I’m sorry. I hope you don’t feel too neglected.

So here we are. Ghost. We are running on this dingy old laptop that I’ve converted into a server. Maybe I’ll host you someplace better in the future. But for now this is home. It will do.

Whatever. I’m done for now. I’ll write another post tomorrow or something.

See ya.

Who am I?

I am you. No wait. That’s not right. I’m just this guy you know. A few things have happened since my very first blog. I even repurposed it for Medium not long ago, for some strange reason.

There have been a various number of reboots. But nothing like this. Nothing solid. Is anything ever solid? This is very precarious.

Oh and who could forget Tumblr? We call it a blogging platform. But it’s not really about writing is it? Maybe this isn’t either. Maybe everything is self expression gone mad.

You can find me migrating away from blogs right about when Twitter started taking hold. Before that I was glued to StumbleUpon. I’ve written poems. I’ve done some songs. And I’ve taken a few pictures.

I’ve even been known to make friends from time to time.

You’ll find me elsewhere too. Everywhere.

No Stagnation Allowed

Most times it never gets going. Not this time. Perhaps. Been away on tour with the Raptor boys and gals. A dreaded demon was just elected in the US.

We were in the air as it happened. It took me by surprise to say the least. The world is a different place. There are monsters here.

Do I still want to visit next year? We will stick to the blue states perhaps.

Melbourne went well. Sydney even better. I think I’ve got an interstate cold coming on, as expected.