Perhaps another attempt at updating this blog. It’s been over a year since I started working full-time as a developer and the time seems to slip away sometimes.

We moved house back to my old stomping grounds as a kid. Not too far away from Mum’s house, which will be good when the baby arrives.

A bit over 5 weeks ago I fell off my electric push-bike and fractured by foot. I have been on crutches and have been on the mend slowly ever since.

I can’t wait for everything to get back to normal.

Anyway instead of cross-posting things I write on Medium (Like I have been doing in the past with these React articles) I thought I might just link to this one. It’s about the death of my Father and also about douchbags who tried to get me fired for standing up for truth and justice aka. the worst people in the world.

It’s called: 13 reasons why I will never apologise for calling out so called “health” professionals who literally advocate “death”. Please read and share if you like.

Bye for now.