Many years ago, at @kattyzee’s housewarming party in Melbourne, I met this random guy and on the balcony somehow we got talking about Minecraft, the game about breaking and placing blocks, and fighting zombies in the night, or something like that. Anyway he ended up giving me his user details so I could give it a go. I tried, I really did, but I could never really get into it at all.

Now years later, and it’s like the third highest selling video game of all time apparently. I thought that maybe running a Minecraft server on the old Linux VM would be a fun little distraction from the realities of existence. So I set one up.

I pretty much just folowed the setting up a server guide on the BukkitWiki, except replacing the option -o true with -o false to put the server into offline mode. This lets you play with the cracked version of the client (it seems my friend from long ago had changed his password somewhere along the line).

Anyway I’m currently running the latest version 1.7.10 and just messing around and trying not to die at night. I’ve worked out how to craft a few things, but I guess I still have a long way to go. Apparently you can venture down into the Netherworld and fight a big dragon or something later on in the game.

If you wanted to try joining to say hi and help build or destroy something, then don’t hesitate. I should be in there unless I’m out or have had enough and decided to sort out my life finally.

But for now, here’s a picture of a sunset from the top of a shelter that I built:

Minecraft sunset