Taking another look at Anchor the internet audio podcast app thing whatever it is.

I remember having the idea a long time ago what if there was a service like Twitter but for audio? Anyway I started even doing a little SoundCloud account where I would record little updates on my phone and upload them.

I don’t think anyone really ever listened to my inanities though, but it was kind of fun anyway. Anyway, then I heard that an app called Anchor FM had launched and it was pretty much exactly the same concept. It was actually pretty well made and had great onloading etc. But the problem was I think that no one really knew what to do with it. I tried staying on the platform doing updates whenever I could but then time crept by and I mostly forgot about it. A familiar story.

Just the other day though Anchor relaunched with version 2.0. The first thing I noticed was all my old updates were gone. But don’t worry they are safely in the archive. Looks like they have taken a page from SnapChat’s book (like a lot of companies seem to be doing lately).

This new update has enormous potential. Basically you record updates and add songs from Spotify etc and they stay up on your station for 24 hours. This way you are almost forced to create new content every day to keep your station fresh. Best just to jump right to it. Check out my station below, or sign up and create your own.

Happy waving.