Maybe I should start writing this more like a proper personal journal. If I just write for myself and disregard the opinions of others then I’m sure to increase my output and flow. It’s not like anyone is actually reading this anyway.

Yesterday was a public holiday for Anzac Day. Today is my first Wednesday not at work in a while. Late last year I made a resolution for change for the year to come. This is me following through with that idea. Now if I can only figure out which direction to take.

I guess for now it just comes down to whoever will take a chance in hiring me. With aspirations of building my own startup temporarily on hold for a while I guess my future is somewhat in the hands of others. But mostly I believe I’ll be moving in the direction of becoming a true software developer.

So I’ll keep on developing little projects at home. I’ll keep on going through online learning courses like freeCodeCamp and NodeSchool etc. And I’ll keep sending out my resume (CV) to places that look interesting.

Let’s see if anything develops.