We cannot live only for ourselves.

Has it really been this long? So it seems I’ve been busy this past year. What have I been doing? I got a job. I got two jobs. My old work now has me back there part-time. A relief on the back pocket, as I’d been drifting and freelancing for so long that I thought I would float away.

Earlier this year I was working for a company down on the Gold Coast for a while, helping to build a mobile app. It was a long drive down there every day and on the way I decided to listen to a set of lectures on How To Start A Startup and soon after that “Meagre” was born, in the mind at least, although the seeds of something similar had been floating around for a long long time already.

A few months ago, my old friend Fletcher had arrived back in Australia from Berlin. He does design and stuff, so I asked him to be my co-founder. I had a million ideas floating around in my head. Surely one of them would make us billionaires.

We settled on an inital idea and have been developing it (slowly) ever since. Life seems to get in the way. Also we need to actually make money to live, so yeah, there’s that too. On the side we’ve also been doing other web design jobs etc, so I guess the company is a kind of a cross between a tech startup and a design studio at the moment.

But an Alpha release is there on the horizon. I can see it. Though the horizon seems to be getting further and further away at times.

But now it’s time to make this Meagre Company into something substantial!